National Project Implementation Unit

(A Unit of MHRD, Govt of India for Implementation of World Bank Assisted Projects in Technical Education)

TEQIP-II: Project Design

The Project ‐ second phase of the Technical Education Quality Improvement Programme (TEQIP) seeks to strengthen selected institutions to produce more employable and higher quality engineers and prepare more post‐graduate students to reduce faculty shortage

“Strengthening of Institutions” is the long term objective of the Project emphasizing on production of more employable and higher quality graduate engineers. Improving quality of education (learning outcomes) and employability of graduates are medium‐term outcomes.

Component ‐ 1 : Improving Quality of Education in Selected Institutions

This Component aims to strengthen around 200 competitively selected Engineering Education Institutions to improve learning outcomes and employability of graduates and scale‐up Postgraduate education, research & development and innovation and establishing centres of excellence. The faculty of these institutions will also be offered pedagogical training for effective teaching.

The objectives of this Component will be achieved through the following Sub‐components:

  • Sub‐component 1.1 : Strengthening institutions to improve learning outcomes and employability of graduates
  • Sub‐component 1.2 : Scaling‐up Postgraduate Education and Demand‐ Driven Research & Development and Innovation
  • Sub‐component 1.2.1 : Establishing Centres of Excellence
  • Sub‐component 1.3 : Faculty Development for Effective Teaching (Pedagogical Training)

Component ‐ 2 : Improving System Management

This Component aims to build capacity of Technical Education policy planners, administrators and implementers at the Central, State, and Institutional levels to effectively implement the institutional reforms and to introduce and sustain innovative systemic quality improvement practices It also aims to provide timely, sufficient, precise, and reliable information to improve and assess the performance of the selected institutions for effective Project Management through the following sub‐ components:

  • Sub‐component 2.1 : Capacity Building to Strengthen Management

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